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Unpredictable Game: Roulette

This is not a card base game, instead it is a white ball falling into a specific roulette wheel spot. How silly is it even to think about predicting this casino game? Yes, you might have seen people taking up notes or jot down something after each round. But is it possible that one can predict what number is coming up next?

I simply say NO. You see, the odds are 37 : 1, each and every turn the ball is thrown. And it is not going to change even if one particular number, let's say a "9" has come up twice in a row. To be clear, the upcoming number is uncertain due to several random factors.

First, the roulette wheel is not spining at the same speed because everytime the applied momentum is different. Same goes to the white ball. It is not thrown exactly the same way from the previous round and obviously not directly at the same spot.

So how do you win or beat this casino game? I'm afraid only luck can help you, since there is no guarantee in such a random and unpredictable game.